Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wish List

Hey...I'm not too well today and I am going straight back to bed after I have written this urgent tome....heh....Yesterday I was searching the web and looking at other peoples blogs....hoohooh...there are some magnificent writers and thinkers about......It made me wish.....That I was...a better writer and painter.That I was smarter,cooler,more interesting name it...I suppose just better all round.....stupid are what you are...what you just keep plugging away and have plenty of fun while you're at it.....keep learning and experiencing and enjoying....and I have done plenty of that......but there are other more pressing issues that are on my wish list..... That people would......get on together,be more tolerant of each other and put themselves in others shoes for a bit...Even more stupid hey!!!!!!!!!........anyway I don't feel so good.......I'm off to bed......P.S.....quote from "Tristan & Isolde"...."I'm for the worms".....don't you just Love that.....hooohoooo.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here are a couple of fun sites to visit....Listible...I heard about this through Call for Help and on the Listible site I found this word game....its not bad if you are a wordy person...Word Sandwich

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Busy Weekend

Friday night we went out for dinner with Dave and Rebecca to The Oyster Bar in South Perth .It was lovely.The food was good, the service was great and the company was fantastic. Marvelous. On Saturday a group of friends ( Mick, Pete, Brian, Ken, Wayne & Gary) came over to paint the exterior of our had a spray gun that did the job brilliantly. By the end of the day the house was sprayed.....we still have a bit to do .....the trim and stuff......but it was amazing how fast they got the job done.....many, many thanks to all concerned. Saturday evening we went out for dinner with Brian's cousin Peter and his wife Heather, who have just come back from travelling around Oz. We went to one of our favourite restaurants...Banca....where the food is always excellent and the service and atmosphere is friendly.....Brilliant. Today, Sunday, I think we will be painting....painting....painting........

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Why are people so unkind ?" Kamahl

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." Carl Jung.
"Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism." Carl Jung.
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Carl Jung.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I tell you I don't know what on earth is going on inside my head ? I keep forgetting things and its not just stupid stuff, it's the things I do on a regular basis. Yesterday I had quite a few mishaps and last night I went to bed with my contact lens still in. I woke up this morning, had a look at the little container where it sleeps and realised what I had done....or had'nt think I would have noticed that I could actually see pretty clearly instead of the usual morning blur? Today, I decided that after doing some painting I would go and see "Capote" at the movies. I arrived at the cinema complex around 12.30, bought my ticket and a coffee, then proceeded to the appropriate theatre and sat down. After a while I thought..."'s 1.00, the movie should be starting and here I am all alone in a well lit cinema".It was then that, after deleting all extraneous messages from my mobile phone, I rummaged through my bag to find the ticket stub...the movie was'nt due to start until 1.50....oh I duly,sheepishly, removed myself to the coffee shop where I sat and wrote most of this blog to fill in the time......because we can't waste any time...can we ?....not when we have so many things to do....I don't know why I thought it started at 1.00....and why did'nt the guy who tore my ticket say something....probably did'nt have a clue.... am I suffering from Post Exhibition Syndrome ...or have I lost "IT" and I don't really know what "IT" is ?........ P.S...."Capote" was great.

Monday, March 20, 2006


It was really hot yesterday when we went to the opening of the "Easter Parade" exhibition at the Old Bakery Gallery on Eighth. There were quite a few people present and some beautiful works. I'm now getting ready for the Artists in Arms exhibition at the end of May.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shark Kiss

Thursday morning I went to my pc and was checking my email when I recieved a shock message from one of our good friends was headed " shark kiss". Marty had been out kite surfing up at Yanchep and was bitten by a shark.Thank god he is ok. It bit him on the foot...He said it was only a baby.....wooohoooo....still a shark...glad you're ok matey...Hi Moni.

Yesterday I scanned a few photo's of my previous works into my new was much easier and faster....hoooooraaay. Eventually I hope to have all of them scanned in and filed away. I also started to reinvent one of my paintings that I was'nt so happy with....mmmmm.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Road to Damascus

Billy Connelly

"Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality." Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act III...This is one of Billy Connelly's favourite quotes .We went to see him Tuesday night at the Convention was. He stood on that stage for three and a half hours until we were all exhausted .Fantastic.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kinky Boots.

Today I dropped off my paintings to the gallery. Everythings sorted....lovely. I went to the movies with my friend Yvonne. We saw "Kinky Boots". It was great. I loved the boots. It was interesting to see Joel Edgerton (I think I spelled his name wrong...but I am writing this in a hurry) speaking in a northern english accent considering he is a good old Aussie...Well done. I was without the "net" today for a while and I could'nt work out what was wrong. It took Marc to tell me to unplug the router and plug it back in to reset it ( how easy is that?)......and Bob's you're uncle... or aunty ...maybe , if you have seen "Kinky Boots".

Monday, March 13, 2006

Magazine addict.

A few weeks ago I was watching T.V. with Brian. We were changing channels and flicking around from one channel to the next when we stopped and looked at one of those shows that has national "celebriries" on it. I did'nt have a clue who most of them were. It was then that I realised that since I had stopped buying a weekly womens of those that tells you who's too fat and then next week she's too skinny...I was out of touch....How annoying.Now I use magazines like "Computer Arts", "apc", "DG" and "digital" amongst others to fulfill my magazine addiction .

Beautiful boy

Friday, March 10, 2006

HTML makes my brain hurt.

Whenever I go into my blog template to add or edit something I look at all those letters,dashes,numbers and other symbols that I don't know the name of and my brain goes into a tizzy (slang: A state of nervous excitement or confusion; a dither.).Being new to all this I have worked out, by trial and error, (as usual) how to do a few things and I am learning new stuff all the time but I can't wait until I have the time to explore all the endless possibilities out there . The trouble is I am interested in too many different things....which brings me to another problem that constantly haunts me...How do you juggle all the things that you want to do, with all the things that you have to do ,with all the new things that you have discovered that you want to explore as well ??? can only do sooo much.

Tip #6: Try and keep your interests and your inspirations??? manageable. The latter is almost impossible because sometimes I am inspired by almost anything and everything.

Tip #7: Keep a notebook or a sketchbook handy. Use the camera or the voice recorder facility in your mobile phone if you are out and about...but try not to use the voice recorder if you are within earshot of any might recieve some seriously strange looks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Lost "and losing it.

Feeling a bit worn out today...only a couple of days to go until I have to deliver my paintings to the gallery. I am still finishing the last one.....its being difficult! I still have to tidy up the backs and put on the hangers, write out a description / the last one and price them......(I hate doing that) ....ooooohhhh.....and sign them. Once I had a painting in an exhibition and forgot to sign it...just as well it did'nt sell. Tonight, while I was gold leafing some peices to attach to this last concotion, I watched "Lost" . It's starting to drive me crazy!!!....or is that the painting.....mmmmm. Anyway Shannon got more down....I also watched "Little Britain" eh,eh,ehhhhhh...I have'nt been to the movies in weeks....maybe next week....must see "Capote".

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What is the deal with supermarkets?...There is not one that has every product that you want. You have to flit around from one to another to find you're favourite brands... Then just when you think you have it sorted and you get used to going to two or three different suburbs, after a while, they stop stocking the products that where the only reason you where in the stupid shop in the first place.....mumble, grumble.....


Before I go any further with this blog I would like to tell you about a great show on pay tv.... On the " How to" channel. This show is mainly responsible for me actually having more fun with my computer. Its called Call for Help. It is a show about technology...all sorts....people ring up and ask questions. They have special guests and regular guests. Your questions are dealt with in an easy to understand fashion and the people on the show are great . Some of my favourite regular guests are Alex Lindsay ( he is from Pixelcorps and he gives a lot of Photoshop tips ), Steve Gibson , a security expert and Mike Hogue who talks about Flash techniques, Mike Lazazzera Sean CarruthersAndy Walker , and of course there is Leo Laporte, who, with Amber Macarthur(web design) host the show. There are others also....but I would be here forever. Anyway I have learnt a lot in the few months that I have been watching . If you have'nt got pay tv check out their websites. If it was'nt for them and my"new beaut pute" courtesy of Marc at OZcom computer services,I would'nt be writing this blog right now....ooooo....maybe you should email them and complain...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wooden Embrace


ANATHEMA: doomed offering, accursed thing.

EXISTENTIALISM:A philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one's acts.

XENOPHOBE: A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.

Monday, March 06, 2006


I Have just started watching a series on UKTV [Foxtel] called 40. Eddie Izzard plays the main character. I think he's pretty cool. Anyway, I think the show looks interesting.....will have to wait and see what happens.

This is my animal personality....whats yours?

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Deer

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Panda

You are a fun-seeker - an adventurous, risk-taker.

While you are spontaneous, you are not very rational.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A few definitions

"Normal is what everyone else is, and you are not"
- Dr Tolian Soran - Star Trek: Generations

"ARTIST" is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. It is also used in a qualitative sense of a person creative in, innovative in, or adept at, an artistic practice.

Most often, the term describes those who create within a context of 'high culture', activities such as drawing and painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking and music - people who use imagination, and talent or skill, to create works that can be judged to have an aesthetic value. Art historians and critics will define as artists those who produce art within a recognised or recognisable discipline.

The term is also used to denote highly skilled people in non-"arts" activities, as well - crafts, medicine, alchemy, mechanics, mathematics, defense (martial arts) and architecture, for example. The designation is applied to illegal activities, like a "scam artist". The term 'artist' could also refer to a con artist.

There is no consensus about what constitutes "art" or who is, or is not, an "artist". Often, discussions on the subject focus on the differences between "artist" and "technician" or "entertainer," or "artisan," "fine art" and "applied art," or what constitutes art and what does not. In addition, the French word artiste (which in French, simply means "artist") has been imported into the English language; in English-usage it has connotations (some of them derogatory) which differ somewhat from the English term artist.

The Oxford English dictionary, cites broad meanings of the term "artist,"

  • A learned person or Master of Arts.
  • One who pursues a practical science, traditionally medicine, astrology, alchemy, chemistry.
  • A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by study or practice - the opposite of a theorist.
  • A follower of a manual art, such as a mechanic.
  • One who makes their craft a fine art.
  • One who cultivates one of the fine arts - traditionally the arts presided over by the muses.

"EMO" {from " emotional} is a slang term used to describe a wide range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music and its related scenes.
Emo (slang) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"FAUVISM" : Les Fauves (French for wild beasts), a short-lived and loose grouping of early Modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities, and the use of deep color over the representational values retained by Impressionism.
Fauvists simplified lines, made the subject of the painting easy to
read, exaggerated perspectives and used brilliant but arbitrary colors.
They also emphasised freshness and spontaneity over finish.

One of the fundamentals of the Fauves was expressed in 1888 by Paul Gauguin to Paul Sérusier,

"How do you see these trees? They are yellow. So, put in yellow; this shadow, rather blue, paint it with pure ultramarine; these red leaves? Put in vermilion."

The name was given (humourously) to the group by art critict Louis Vauxcelles. In French, "Fauves" means "wild beasts". The painter Gustave Moreau was the movement's inspirational teacher, and a professor at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris who pushed his students to think outside of the lines of formality and to follow their visions.

The leaders of the movement, Moreau's top students, were Henri Matisse and André Derain - friendly rivals of a sort, each with his own followers. The paintings, for example Matisse's 1908 The Dessert or Derain's The Two Barges, use powerful reds or other forceful colors to draw the eye. Matisse became the yang to Picasso's yin in the 20th century while time has trapped Derain at the century's beginning, a "wild beast" forever. Their disciples included Albert Marquet, Henri Manguin, Charles Camoin, the Belgian painter Henri Evenepoel, Jean Puy, Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy, Othon Friesz, Georges Rouault, the Dutch painter Kees van Dongen, and Picasso's partner in Cubism, Georges Braque.

Fauvism, as a movement, had no concrete theories, and was short lived (they only had three exhibitions). Matisse was seen as a leader of the movement. He said he wanted to create art to delight; art as a decoration was his purpose; therefore his use of bright colors tries to maintain serenity of composition.

Among the influences of the movement were Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh, both of whom had begun using colors in a brighter more imaginative manner.

"POP ART" was a visual artistic movement that emerged in the late 1950s in England and the United States. Characterized by themes and techniques drawn from mass culture, such as advertising and comic books, Pop Art is widely interpreted as either a reaction to the then-dominant ideas of abstract expressionism or an expansion upon them. Pop art, like pop music, aimed to employ images of popular as opposed to elitist culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any given culture. Pop art at times targeted a broad audience, and often claimed to do so. However, much pop art is considered very academic, as the unconventional organizational practices used often make it difficult to comprehend.

The term was coined in 1958 by British critic Laurence Alloway (in response to works by Richard Hamilton, among others) and a "pop" movement was widely recognized by the mid-1960s. In the meantime, the movement was sometimes called Neo-Dada, a name which reveals some of the thinking behind this type of art, and the strong influence of dada pioneer Marcel Duchamp on such seminal pop figures as Hamilton, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Saturday, March 04, 2006


The Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery is holding an Easter Parade Exhibition. Opening on the 19th of March and running through until the 16th of April. Invited painters, textile, glass and ceramic artists will present works inspired by Easter. Artists include: Ian Hill, Heather Taylor, Trudy Hardman, Estelle Dean, Anne Rowe, Christine Rainbird, Sarah Breen, Lisa Roget, Glyn Hezakiah, Philomena Masters, Lucille Miller, Patsy Hart, Carl Altman, Jennie Abbott, Diane Selentin, Christine Elaine, Pauline White and Anne Clifton.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dont have too much fun.

Tip #5:
Get plenty of sleep otherwise you'll go BONKERS. Sleep deprivation, if left unchecked for too long, will make you babble incoherently about anything that pops into your frazzled brain, to any unfortunate person that passes your way. That is what a blog is for. So, not too many girl's/boy's night's out, coupled with deadlines and other pressing matters, such as "existing"....Boy oh boy.....the older I get, the more things I want to do....So much little time.