Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a Pearler!

Its been a long time between posts and I have no excuse really, but, last night at the ME Bank Stadium, the familiar and well loved sounds of Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam blasted me out of my blog funk. I found myself awake at 3 in the morning unable to go back to sleep until I wrote this down. We went to see Pearl Jam and friends.....the friends consisted of Liam Finn, Relentless7 and Ben Harper, who were all fantastic.....but it was the Pearler's that I had come to see and they didnt disappoint. It was a great night. One of those gigs where everyone's heart seems to beat as one. Ben Harper joined the guys on stage for a song and Liam Finn and Eddie gave a rendition of "Throw your Arms Around Me". This was a highlight for me as it is one of my favourite songs. Other highlights were when the crowd, in full strong voice belted out "Better Man" and " Alive" along with Eddie. The guys left the stage with Eddie saying "See you next time....tomorrow? The drinks are on me" Dont ya just love em? Methinks they should all move to